My name is Paige Handler, otherwise known as the Cheese Handler, and it’s my mission to spread joy through cheese.  Whether it’s soupy, fresh, semi-hard, crumbly, (or) has a wash rind (and) stinks really bad, I just can’t get enough.     For many people, the world of cheese can be a big and confusing place. (something in here to connect) Let me handpick the finest cheeses for you. (something here) I am committed to bringing the most unique and delicious cheeses and accompaniments to your gathering.     My ten years of experience in the food service industry has inspired (a) love for bringing friends and family together at the table.  I’ve found that a cheese plate has a special way of connecting people through a shared experience.  Besides, there’s nothing quite as tasty.     A Cheese Handler event is not just about the cheese; it’s about flavor, experience, education, hospitality, and of course, fun.  So, let’s have a party!
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